Basic information

    • Product Name:DI-N-BUTYLMAGNESIUM
    • CasNo.:1191-47-5
    • MF:C8H18Mg
    • MW:138.536

    Physical and Chemical Properties

    • Purity:99%
    • Boiling Point:-71 °C
    • Packing:
    • Throughput:

    Product Details

    CasNo: 1191-47-5

    MF: C8H18Mg

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    What is the DI-N-BUTYLMAGNESIUM ?

    DI-N-BUTYLMAGNESIUM is , while it's Molecular Formula is C8H18Mg. Electrochemically inactive [Mg2(μ-Cl)3.6THF][C2H5AlCl3] crystal may be obtained from an electrolyte composed of Di-n-butylmagnesium and ethylaluminum dichloride. Di-n-butylmagnesium may be used in the carbon metallation of α-olefins. A study reports the possible use of the organometallic compound in the intercalation of magnesium and zinc into the layers of TiS2 or WO2Cl2. Interaction of lithium alkoxide with di-n-butylmagnesium was investigated.

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